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Wars of the Diadochi

On June 10, 323 BCE Alexander the Great died in Babylon. Although historians have debated the exact cause most agree that the empire he built was left without adequate leadership for there was no clear successor or heir. The military commanders who had followed the king for over a decade across the sands of Asia were left to fight each other over their small piece of the territorial pie. These were the Wars of Succession or Wars of the Diadochi. (By Donald L. Wasson) --AHE

Il leggendario nodo gordiano... Lo storico Plutarco mise comunque in discussione la pretesa secondo cui Alessandro Magno avrebbe tagliato il nodo con un colpo di spada, e riferisce che, secondo Aristobulo di Cassandra, Alessandro l #alessandromagno #frigi #gordio #nodo

The unique marble throne of Eurydice ( Grandmother of Great Alexander ) inside the double- chambered macedonian Tomb - 340 BCE - Aigai (Vergina ) - Macedonia Greece