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dawn #haiku: sun rises/ crows caw, doors slam, engines throb/ hummer pauses to digest

hummingbird hovers/ nectar-bead on her beak/ tending milkweed #haiku #nativeplants #birds #pollination #garden

crimson signs dangle/ color speaks hummingbirds’ tongue—/ food here! #haiku (Backstory: I think of flowers as speaking the language of their pollinators, the birds, insects and mammals that move pollen from flower to flower as they seed the sweet rewards of nectar the blossoms promise. These fuchsia blossoms are clearly colored and shaped to appeal to hummingbirds, whose long, brush-tipped tongues will be able to reach the nectaries at the end of that long floral tube.)

The common milkweed I’ve nurtured along the restored urban creek by my house was abuzz with pollinators yesterday as the flowers opened. I saw three kinds of butterflies—including this skipper, at least six kinds of native bees, and honeybees, all drinking nectar from the flowers. A veritable pollinator smorgasbord!

forty-three degrees/ dawn birds quiet, flowers too—/ awaiting sunrise #container garden #edibles (Backstory: These pots sit on my front deck to attract pollinators—hummingbirds, night-flying moths and native bees—so that the tomato plants in my container kitchen garden get pollinated and produce more fruit. Usually at dawn they’re buzzing with activity, but not on this chilly morning!)

dawn gilds day/ hummingbirds zip past circus-bright plants/ wings trilling #haiku #coleus #containergarden (Backstory: Up early, seeing the sunrise light the foliage of the coleus in the pots on my porch filled with plants hummingbirds love, I ran for my camera. As I was shooting, hummingbirds were zipping around me!)

garden #haiku: sunflowers nod/ heads tracking day’s progress/ hummingbirds chatter

dawn #haiku: hummingbird hovers/ inches from the screen door/ wing-hum loud as my heart

dawn #haiku: hummingbirds chatter/ cherry-colored clouds drift past--/ now, day begins