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Arriving at the Pier in Phang Nga Bay, I had a slight panic at the not-so-ready looking longtails boats ready to take us out exploring amongst the bay’s famous islands. As you can tell from this picture, it wouldn’t be crazy of you to do the same.

Staying in Phuket while I was in Thailand was such an experience of contrasts. Beautiful resorts and their private beaches, fantastic street food and the ridiculousness of Bangla Road all squashed onto one little island. #travelaroundthailand #travelinthailand #thailandculture #amazingthailand

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TOP 10 Thailand's Island Escapes

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The one great thing I love about travel is how it takes you out of your comfort zone and in doing so, allows you the freedom to experiment with new cultures, experiences and food. When I was in Bangkok and we were trying out some street food, I was offered up a big plate of bugs to pick from too. #travelaroundthailand #travelinthailand #thailandculture #amazingthailand

When I was in high school, one of my best friends and I called each other Bangkokian. Really, it was the combination of teenage giggles and the song by Murray Head ‘one night in Bangkok’ that resulted in a nickname that stuck for a few years. We’ve since grown out of it, but I’ve never grown out of my fascination with visiting Thailand’s capital. #travelaroundthailand #travelinthailand #thailandculture #amazingthailand

Although I got to do and see so much when I was in Thailand in May, there were tons more things that I’d love to experience and hopefully will get the chance to sometime in the future on a return trip. I thought I’d put these up partly as a journal or reminder to myself about these activities, but also partly because I’ve heard such good things about these experiences that maybe you want to do them to the next time..... #travelaroundthailand #travelinthailand #thailandculture…

Thai food has always been a favourite for me. I absolutely adore the mix of sweet, sour, salty and tart. I’ve even taken a Thai cooking class in South Africa before and have a whole collection of Thai recipes that I can whip up together whenever I want this fare. My local Thai restaurant closed down a while ago, and ever since, I’ve been craving great food in this style. #travelaroundthailand #travelinthailand #thailandculture #amazingthailand

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