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Movie Poster for French sci-fi comedy with Louis de Funès, The Troops & Aliens, poster design: Milan Grygar, Czechoslovakia, 1982 #vintageposters #LouisdeFunès #collage #graphicdesign

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MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE - Stephen King (AC/DC) Original French Movie Poster 47x63"

John Carter. This movie was actually way better than it was given credit for.

Snowpiercer Will Make American Premiere at LA Film Festival

"Dune" poster by Kevin Tong -4 Color Screen Print on 100lb. French Poptone Lemondrop

Star Wars (French Variant Cover) by Paul Renaud

1956 ... French 'Forbidden Planet' avec le robot. This is definitely different art then one would see in North America. Good rendering of the original, though. I would not doubt that it is because of laws demanding that a certain amount of commercial artistic output be done in France by French people.