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Uncle Rick, the sassiest person on earth. His tweets are enough evidence. - Don't try threatening his oreos... xD

Rick gets 4 points. Love his strategy for avoiding cliffhangers. Even Uncle Rick hates Octavian. he loves Oreos. he is taking a fangirling class :) hdudjndhc

Gods, RICK RIORDAN, YOU TROLL! I hate you but I love you! I'm so conflicted right now.....

Yes Rick! I know it sounds bad but I love it when people die in Percy Jackson!

Sorry for language, too good not to re pin

They are based off real people! I need to meet them!/ named after real people.

But demigods most likely do not text. You know, since using phones is like waving a neon sign to monsters saying "Hey, free meal!"// It's too funny to care. Plus maybe someone invented demigod safe phones

Hermione's comment is fantastic!  Thank you for that!

This is so funny! // Because of the username, I (accidentally) put it in Harry Potter.

This man is my favorite human on earth

Uncle Rick is my favorite person on earth, next to my Parabatai of course. I send you lots of love from hogwards. Hope I'll survive my fear landscape.

I'm sorry, what?. Does this person WANT to be murdered by us? LET US FIND THE IDIOT AND KILL HIM/HER!

So, the hunt begins.*grabs archery set and hops into a pegasus*>>>>*snatches up imperial gold dagger* DO WE HAVE ANY MORE RECRUITS? <<< *Grabs Celestial Bronze sword and hops onto pegasus too* Let us defeat this monster!

I would love this it would be hilarious

I can so see Poseidon and Athena getting into a shouting match and Zeus holding Athena back like, "No daughter, that is my brother you are talking about, and your uncle."<< Please Zeus would love to see his daughter do Poseidon in

magnuschase, mcga, minorspoiler, IMSCREAMING

He literally just trolls Percy through the whole book. I hope Magnus and Percy meet one day