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As I have mentioned, probably several times, I follow the 5:2 diet. I am a creature of habit however I do sometimes get a little bored of the endless soup, stir fries and salmon that I eat on "2" days and so I decided it was time to try something new. This is a recipe which I found in the Daily Mail and it took around 30 minutes.

It's hard to believe we've been vegan (plant-based) for six years this month. I didn't start blogging until August of 2010 so we'll celebrate our anniversary then. But I used to make this dish when we were part of low-carb craze. I've been trying to eat more whole foods and cut back on some carbs. I saw this recipe that we had made and loved and decided to make it vegan. Best part, other than no harm to animals, it's ready in under 20 minutes. Oh yeah!!!!

You can also make this salad with clams or cockles. The trick, which is what makes this salad outstanding, is to use the steaming liquid from the mussels to cook the beans. To turn this salad into a luxurious main course, add pieces of cooked lobster or crab or sections of octopus.

This is a lunch box recipe easily can be prepared by the house makers . Most of the kids likes carrot when we mixed in a vegetable curry or in kuruma.Growing kids need plenty of nutritious foods to fill them up and give them energy.It contains Beta-carotene that helps to protect vision, especially night vision. Due to its fresh and crispy texture, carrot is eaten in raw form.