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Here Are The 25 Cutest Things That's Ever Happened. I Can't Get Over #10.

The fact the person is holding it means it's going to die. Turtles hatch at night so they can follow the moon. Gulls, other birds, fish, raccoons, and crabs all eat baby turtles as they try to reach the ocean. This turtle might not make it and has been left by its siblings. Only about twelve turtles survive if it's the first group the mother has laid, out of around one hundred eggs, if they're lucky.<<<< well that's depressing

Green turtles migrate as far as 1600 miles away, but they always return to the same beach to nest.

Happy World Turtle Day

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) Range: Tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide Status: Endangered Threats: Bycatch in fishing gear, boat strikes, oil spills, disturbance of eggs in nest

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Sea Turtle Restoration Project UPDATE: California and Indonesia Launch Partnership to Save Endangered Sea Turtles! Historic Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Summit Held in Monterey

Esophagus of Leatherback turtles showing backward pointing spikes. Adult leatherback sea turtles subsist almost entirely on jellyfish. Jellyfish are pretty slippery, you see, and the razor-sharp rows of papillae prevent them from slipping out of the turtle's mouth.