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Student work, encaustic and mixed media, from my Contemporary Encaustic Basics workshop, ULearn/ArtsNow, Edmonds WA.

Bryan Christie, print and encaustic. I want this on my wall.

Linda Robertson Encaustic Set Blog Hop

03-carve I let the wax cool and firm up a bit then I found just the right spot for this feather stencil, also from StenciGirl and desiged by Kae Pea. I used the stylus tool to carve out the pattern, revealing colors that were already on the board underneath my last coat of wax paint. Don’t fool yourself, this takes some patience, but the results are totally worth it!

Brushes in the encaustic studio Karl W. Kaiser

The medium of encaustic - pigmented wax - is a 2000+ year old medium. It has recently enjoyed a come-back in the last 100 years or so. It is a fascinating medium which has "reheated" my passion for...

@2014 Lori McNee NIGHT WATCH - RAVENS 48x24 encaustic wax painting Please email Lori for more info

I approached using R&F Pigment sticks with a bunch of questions. I found many of my answers on the R&F Website. Maybe you have some of the same questions

"Premiere Etchings" encaustic series

{"Premiere Etchings" series, 16 x 16"} last week i started working on my first 2 pieces of encaustic art (see post here) with the intention of making it a 5 piece series. over the weekend i managed to complete the...

Watch Encaustic & Shellac Online | Vimeo On Demand

Shellac can be painted onto wax then super heated until it cracks, leaving an elegant organic finish that would be impossible to paint by hand. This requires the…