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Multi-Bead Amber Brass Necklace – Zuri Africa

African necklace - Bohemian necklace. Leather, beaded, Yellow, Turquoise and Amber beads - SHINING STAR - Bohemian jewelry & African jewelry by DazzlingDivaJewels on Etsy, $172.00 Designed & Created by Patrice

Bohemian g ypsy leather necklace beaded with Yellow, Turquoise and Amber beads - Bohemian jewelry & African jewelry

Five half-circles suspended from black and amber beads dangle and shimmer to give this piece subtle energy. This necklace is handmade in Kenya by skilled metal smiths working in brass.

African necklace - Bohemian necklace. Beaded, Orange Amber beads, African Batic Bone beads & handmade brass beads from Ghana - SUPER STAR - Bohemian jewelry & African jewelry by DazzlingDivaJewels, $172.00 Designed & Created by Patrice

Natural Antique African Amber Beads | The majority of amber in Africa actually originated as raw material found in the Baltic and traded via the "incense route" down into Africa where it was cut into beads. Generally, but not always, raw lumps of amber were traded and then carved into beads by the new owners. A conservative estimate would be 100-200 years or older.

African amber, Nepalese brass, and turquoise. The "amber" beads appear to be imitation made form phenolic and/or resin.

Necklace made up of 2 large antique round silver Yemeni beads old, rare copal amber beads from Mauritania, 8 batik camel bone beads from Kenya, African mixed metal beads and African ostrich egg discs.

CLICK HERE TO BUY: www.etsy.com/... ASHIRA Large Brown & White Cream African Batik Bone Beads and Large Copal African Amber Beads. $265.00, via Etsy.

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