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Lana Del Rey : Radio || "No one even knows what life was like Now I'm in LA and it's paradise I've finally found you Oh, sing it to me Now my life is sweet like cinnamon Like a fucking dream I'm living in"

hyberbolic poetic monologue. nostalgic. romantic. uncomfortably close to "real life". trash. contrived pseudo-country americana film ballad. 08:20-09:44- patterns in the sand. sexual fantasies. ridiculous freedom monologue. wresting and drinking jack daniels.

00:00-05:00- Body Electric. saturated colour. elvis. icons. unicorns. trash. 14:45- Ginsberg's Howl turned hyperbolic nostalgic romantic indulgent monologue "City of Angels" 21:27- Bel Air. Roses. Palm Trees. Heavenly Chorus floating through sun rays and dandelion fluff.