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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Creationism, Adam & Eve, Science, Evolution. One simple detail. Yeah, sometimes, just one simple detail can destroy a lot of beliefs. They had belly buttons. Oooops!

Although since Eve was created from Adam's rib (and stem cells found in the bone marrow) she would have the same DNA- including sex chromosomes. Therefore, Adam and Eve really were Adam and Steve

I find this photo incredibly sad~the little fingers and toes, the little belly button-so human yet we experiment on them and leave them to languish in barren cages. This little ape suffers no less than a human baby. What a hostile world humans have created ~

Simpsons Bible Stories

Adam (Homer) and Eve (Marge) were portrayed with belly-buttons. As Adam and Eve were the first couple, they wouldn't have belly-buttons since they were created by God (Flanders) and had no human parents.