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Luke Cage, Power Man, Jessica Jones, Jewel, Matt Murdock, Daredevil, marvel, mcu, avengers, the defenders

PARALLELS! This releases the inner fangirl in me and gives me the feels!

Yep. These two can destroy your feels

My Marvel boys are so beautiful and sweet human beings. I love them so.

Trayvon Martin, racism, antiblackness, Luke Cage, Power Man, mcu, marvel, representation

Chadwick Boseman, cacw, cacw gag reel, captain America civil war, captain America civil war gag reel, King t'challa of Wakanda, black panther, marvel, mcu, avengers

Posts about Steve getting upset over the price of milk will literally never get old to me

The MCU Fandom only likes women who follow THEIR rules and go by THEIR ships. It's one of the reasons I dislike shipping -- it makes fandoms turn rabid on some fantastic characters, just because that character got in the way of their dumb imaginary ship.