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whaling harpoon - Google Search

Iron, Brass, and Wood Single Flue Whaling Harpoon

Whaling Journal Kept by George Smith, 1847-1851

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Wrought Iron Whaling Two-Flue and Toggle Harpoons | Bidsquare

whaling harpoon - Google Search

whale harpoon - Google Search

from Brian Lean's Blog (Now Chase)

Sperm Whale

Art illustration - Oceans & Seas - Sperm Whale: (Physeter macrocephalus) is a marine mammal species of the suborder of the order Cetacea Odontoceti, which has the largest existing any other animal brain. It measures up to 20.5 meters long, feed on squid and fish. The head can reach one third of the total length of the animal. It is the largest and possibly the largest living predator that ever lived, not by the fact feed on other animals.