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samberrilicious: Drawing on an iPad isn’t all that bad. xD

You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are. (Artist unknown, but done in the Christy Tomlinson "She Art" style.)

Not only me but pretty much every girl on the planet has a distorted view of themseleves. But it's not entirely our fault. The world tells us, encourages us to starve ourselves to be beautiful.

Impressive body painting transforms women into aliens [NSFW]

Another possible variation on the symbiont organism. This seems more like Jane from "Symbiosis" than like Emma. Most Sloans (a type of symbiont) are reserved by nature, but Jane takes it further than most--a consequence of having been raised by over-achieving parents. Jane has an aberrant talent inherited from her father. She can "pense" bio-electric fields so subtle she can almost read minds.

Inspirational Art Print: My Temple

#loveyourbody #everyBODYisbeautiful #bodylove Inspirational Art Print My Temple by SheWokeUpOneDay on Etsy

There is nothing wrong with a little 'chub'... to each his own... ;-)

The Craziest Body Painting You Will Ever See…. | UnMotivating

body positive. LOVE THIS! America's thought on what we should look like is sickening.. Everyone is beautiful!!!