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Vertigo. An Autoimmune disorder. Coupled with body dysmorphia, PTSD, obsessive doubt, fear of scrutiny, perfectionistic, a heart of platinum and gold combined, and not to mention a lifetime of being on display, under the microscope for the whole world to love or criticize -----oh, and also beyond the financial means for some serious manifestation of a distorted view of what was in reality, at least to those who could see him.....just beautiful. simple as ABC. <3 MJ <3

What killed him? Besides a lethal dose of anesthesia and a benzodiazepine combo…The tabloid rumors, the media’s lies, the public buying into what we’re being sold (we are being sold a bill of goods after all), and instead of showing love, acceptance and appreciation for a man who wanted nothing more than to share the talent that God had given him and to heal the world, we lied on him and laughed at him and blindly believed the people who betrayed him and falsely accused him…

Remembering Michael - June 25th around the world At the gate of the Neverland Valley Ranch

Michael Jackson: The World Says Goodbye to the King of Pop

This collection of photographs and condolences pays tribute to Michael Jackson, his career and his fans. Photos from the King of Pop s childhood will bring back memories, the concert images will move