MUST WATCH -YEAR AGO -- MARCH 2012 -- LaRouche:"Dumb Americans who continue to support Obama.Why the president does the things he does isn't for Americans. He takes orders from the British Monarchy? After interview Obama was re-elected the war has begun:Syria,Mali working their way west. Appears center of the problem is the british monarchy, the chief perpetrators of destroying the US, they're behind NWO in a plan to depopulate theplanet: Obama's Imminent Threat Global Thermonuclear War"

Greenwald: Espionage Act Has Been Used Very VERY Sparingly Through Out American History Until Obama XRepublicTV

JON STEWART TAKES OBAMA APART -- Jon Stewart harnesses of Obama about the Red Line from Syria [...] 09/03/13

A Swedish reporter confronted President Barack Obama about reconciling a pending attack on Syria with his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize that he won almost immediately after taking office. Obama and Sweden...

"Funny how if you say something against Herman Cain you're a genius. If you say something against Barack Obama you're a racist." - Charlie Daniels

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