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This. Is one of the best things about Jensen. he's such a humble person and i have so much respect for him <<< preach it!

I gave Misha Collins a bracelet that said Castiel on it and he kept it on for the rest of his photo ops I cry (that's me btw)

Misha Collins convention panel. Jensen pranked him! I love how the fans almost got Misha to take his shirt off, and he didn't catch it at first

J2&Misha on

I usually don't pin these but this is one of the best photo-ops I've seen!! Just brilliant! :D #J2 + JDM photo op #VegasCon

Getting my picture taken with the SPN cast at their convention is very high on my bucket list. It's worth spending the money, even if you only get to go once

This is one of the only male fan photo ops I've ever seen. This is also one of the best photo ops I've ever seen. Might just pattern mine after this, guys. :P #SupernaturalCast #VanCon2012