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Monochrome Crayolas. (Taken with Canon EOS Rebel T3)

for my Canon EOS Rebel T3... because I am still noob =x

"For Dummies" cheat sheet for Canon Rebel T3, with links to other T3 for Dummies articles

Canon Rebel T3i Tips for Beginners- I need to read this! One day I'll learn how to use my camera...

Photography Friday 3 {Shutter Speed}, lots of stuff to know about how my new super fancy Canon Rebel T3 1100 D works!

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How to select an auto focus point on the Canon Rebel T3

Correcting Color in Photos with a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Series Camera

Canon Rebel T3, 50mm, f/4.0, shutter 1/80, ISO 3200 Subject ~10 feet from tree, 1.5 feet from camera the Crafty Woman: Christmas Tree Photo Tutorial