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Woooo!! Finally got the episode with nagisa in a skirt! In honor of that.... here's some awesome karnage art!

No larger size available ansatsu kyoushitsu nagisa korosensei

Karma x Nagisa by on @DeviantArt

Shiota Nagisa x Akabane Karma [3] || Assassination Classroom

Karma x Nagisa (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

Akabane karma.nagisa shiota.ansatsu kyoushitsu.assassination classroom | BUT you gotta admit though, Karma and Nagisa are made for each other. A lot of people don't ship them because they're guys, and I know some think as they're better off as best friends, but their personality fits each other so well, and I want others to see how perfect they would be together, with or without the barriers. - DA | Karma | Nagisa