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Rethink Healthy Skin with Mother Dirt: Probiotic Skin Care

Mother Dirt - probiotic spray for your skin - with giveaway

Mother Dirt: Rethink Clean, Live Probiotics for the Skin. Good bacteria for great skin. 20% off your 1st Order. Clean shouldn't mean sterile. The biome-friendly method to rebalance your skin's microbiome.

Mother Dirt | Rethink Clean and Health Skin

Mother Dirt- AOB pro-biotic skin spray. A new way to "clean" your skin


The Bacteria Solution

Mother Dirt helps keep skin bacteria healthy

We created Mother Dirt to rethink clean. It's the first time anyone has created products to nurture the good bacteria of the skin. Our AO+ Mist is now followed up with other products that have been formulated, screened and tested for their friendliness to the skin biome. More importantly, we hope to build awareness and camaraderie across the industry as a whole to help more companies formulate with a healthy biome in mind.

from Peaceful Dumpling

Natural Beauty: Are Probiotics The Secret to Great Skin?

Is the secret to clear, glowing skin bacteria? Find out why probiotics (both topical and dietary) may be your skin's best friend.

It's hard to go back to run-of-the-mill skin products after using Mother Dirt.

AO+ Mist is a live probiotic spray for the skin containing Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria. It’s been formulated to restore balance to skin microbiome.