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Халхин-Гол. Вторая русско-японская война | Русская семерка

7 загадок Урала | Русская семерка

Captain Marina Raskova, Soviet Pilot and Navigator, one of the first women, awarded Hero of Soviet Union (1912-1943)

Khalkhin Gol. "Japanese army tank crew taking a break in the Mongolian steppes." 1939

Осмотр взятый в плен японской боевой техники (танка типа 95 Ha-Go) советскими офицерами. Халхин-Гол, 1938 japanese Type 95 Ha-Go captured by soviet troops after battle of Khalkhin Gol DATE 1938(1938)

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, stands in an open car outside the Russian embassy in London and waves to the crowd as he departs for home, July 15, 1961

Bodies of German soldiers killed during brutal hand-to-hand fighting with troops of the Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front, Breslau, 1945.

Soviet Fighter pilot Lt. Antonina Lebedeva (1916-1943)