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This printable animal adaptations bingo game includes 16 vocabulary words that match most state's science standards.


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Spirit Totem Animals: Heron.

** The Golden Tiger can weigh up to 500 pounds. Get an eyeful while you can, for we are in the Sixth Extinction period. With Trophy hunting and the Canned Hunt still not banned, most animals will be killed off. Forgot to mention coward poachers as well.

At the TIGERS institute in South Carolina, a chimp raises tiger cubs after they were separated from their mother.

#6 I am an animal lover and believe that animals should be treated respectably as if they are also humans. I also believe that animals shouldn't be forced into prison like zoos and carnivals for the amusement of humans. However, I also know that I'm not the only animal lover in this world and people want to see these animals in there natural habitats and that's what my zoo would be. I don't mean to contradict myself by owning a zoo, but my zoo wouldn't be a prison.

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Strangest Animal Hybrids You Won't Believe Really Exist! - There are Ligers and Tigons! (not the same thing)