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J'adore les oreilles de ce chien !

On joue à cache-cache, et j'attends le signal pour enlever mes pattes des yeux....

Après une ballade avec le chien, boire ensemble, heureux, fatigués et satisfaits

Ce chat a des yeux magnifiques

Enfant endormi avec son chien / Little child and little dog sleeping

Staffies are the most wonderful loyal, pets. Beautiful in their nature, they only are as aggresive as how they are taught. Just like any animal or person., Lets stop the bad name these beautiful animals get.

Séculos de estudo: afinal, os animais são ou não capazes de pensar?

Following on from last week’s post Is sugar really THAT bad for us comes a study fresh off the medical-research-press. We feel it's our job to flag these s