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Tween Inspired outfit from Polyvore Outfit by HumanRadio <3. Another more full body picture with a Polyvore outfit

Every Rey drawing so far in honor of Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you... By @INTPartgeek | And if anyone was wondering, I just decided to discontinue that painfully short-lived outfit of the day series. I realized there was no way I'd have the time to get that done every day of the month. Whoops. XD

Rin Matsuoka by Angela R. Watts. Picture inspired by the ending theme song ''Splash Free'' :) ♥ I really love Rin! :3

Hi everyone! I'm Shelby. I love The Lord and I also really love to draw. Thank you so much @Jesusandhobbits for inviting me to pin to this board! :D This is a pretty old drawing of Olaf I did. But, I can't wait to share my newer work with everyone! ^_^ All the art on here is wonderful! All of ya'll are truly gifted. :) God Bless! <3

Reluctant Party Twanda by HumanRadio <3. An idea of how a particular scene might go. Part of the reason why Twanda doesn't want to wear the dress is because she normally wears black and white clothing, hardly any color. So this, plus being more or less forced to have a party makes her a bit uncomfortable.

So now that it's April, I want to get a drawing contest board started. I technically already made it but the first theme required it to be in April. So... Just follow me, I'll make the board public and I can invite anyone who wants to join. Please participate. (By HumanRadio <3, edit by @Buckybunny246)

I'm happy to say my picture is coming along nicely. I'll be doing detail on the leaves tomorrow and hopefully get most or all of the right side done... By HumanRadio

Cider Selling Apple Jack by HumanRadio <3. So when i was coloring it I realized calling it by their color would be redundant because they're pretty much that color all the time (except Rarity who's white but her picture is more of an indigo) so i decided to call them by the action their doing. With the vote of who to do next, AJ won out so I did her. Next will be Rainbow Dash because she was a close contestant and then I'll do Sunset.