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I have four pages left in my good/favorite sketch book (internal screaming it's almost done). Does anyone have any drawing requests for those last pages? (HumanRadio <3)

Hair Color Experiment by HumanRadio <3. So something I haven't done in a while. The top left hand is based on the new design for Harley Quinn, I mostly did it because the blank version was taunting me. The others are hair concept for characters .

Every Rey drawing so far in honor of Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you... By @INTPartgeek | And if anyone was wondering, I just decided to discontinue that painfully short-lived outfit of the day series. I realized there was no way I'd have the time to get that done every day of the month. Whoops. XD

Rin Matsuoka by Angela R. Watts. Picture inspired by the ending theme song ''Splash Free'' :) ♥ I really love Rin! :3

Hi everyone! I'm Shelby. I love The Lord and I also really love to draw. Thank you so much @Jesusandhobbits for inviting me to pin to this board! :D This is a pretty old drawing of Olaf I did. But, I can't wait to share my newer work with everyone! ^_^ All the art on here is wonderful! All of ya'll are truly gifted. :) God Bless! <3