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رسومات الأطفال تعبر عن شخصيتهم

I cringe at forcing kids: it does more harm than good! so so important and something i am so strong in my therapy & my business. Never force feed - Great article on understanding & helping the child's relationship with food

الأشغال الفنية للأطفال

A Children's #Art Exhibition is a really creative School #Fundraising Idea. Click photo to learn how! (Photo by Chris Winters /

Distant or Engaged? Making Your Home a Haven~Week 1

Blog post, "Distant or Engaged? Making Your Home a Haven" from WLW. Compares two types of women, the distant, distracted, crabby, discontent, and the engaged, wise with her time, pleasant in demeanor, is content.

5 Expert Tips to Explode Your Baby or Toddler's Vocabulary

Can talking to your baby like an adult make them smarter? Tips for practicing and improving verbal communication skills.

Beginner’s Mind: Looking at Old Problems With New Eyes: