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Pink Floyd - What Shall We Do Now - Imgur

Wizard gifs. OMG, I just realized this is why I love gifs so much. I hadn't ever thought of it this way before.

I know I literally just pinned a version of this... But it got better. And it needed to be shared :p

from Playbuzz

These 20 Adorable Gifs Will Make You Smile.

For some reason this reminds me of the way the beast eats on Beauty and the Beast

flyngdream: Morten Rustad - Norway: A Timelapse Adventure | gif by FD

My favorite is "How long until we end up looking like murders"<----- Honestly, my favorite is " I'm a writer, I swear. Don't send me to prison"

GIf: Hamster ingenioso!

=ყơų ąཞɛ ცɛąųɬıʄųɩ= ℘ıŋɬɛཞɛʂɬ: @HayleighxRae