/ Фото #42 - Brazilain embrodery - braz

Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern stitched with EdMar rayon Brazilian Embroidery thread. This design was designed by Delma Moore of Blackberry Lane.

JDR 191 Ruth's Flower Shop Wreath

Brazilian Embroidery New Design: Ruth's Flower Shop Wreath JDR 191

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crewel embroidery with crochet? Best of both worlds!do I file it under crochet or embroidery? This is Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery (BDE) using Rayon threads and Milliners needles

I ❤ embroidery . . . lovely brazilian embroidery- Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery pattern.  “He Lives” is an original design ~By Kathy Hammer for JDR Brazilian Elegance

JDR Brazilian Elegance New Design - Dimensional Brazilian Embroidery "He Lives" Cross JDR 6219

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LOVE leaf design flowing into/out of flower! /mackiemort/embroidery/ BACK

I ❤ embroidery . . . GERANIUMS- just gorgeous! Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Brazilian Embroidery Designs by Maria Freitas for you to stitch. Embroidery Designs by the leading Brazilian Embroidery Designers.