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EVOX STRESS REDUCTION: Our words are powerful, and they can bring healing or pain to ourselves and those around us. Our words reveal what is going on internally. ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing in combination with Bach Flower Essences and Aromatherapy are used to assist the emotions toward balance. Applications: repeated negative behavior, weight problems, addictions, work or athletic performance, relationship problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, etc.

EVOX -- Transgenerational Perception Reframing -- 2013

- Breathing – It’s one of the most practical and most powerful non-mental instruments. Breathe deeply, from you belly and from your lungs, and the energies begin naturally and gently to balance themselves and to flow once again. There is no need for stress, there is no need for manipulation. You can enjoy the simple breathe and be amazed of how simply the energies that don’t serve you anymore just dissolve away from you, from your life, helping you clarity flow in as it naturally does.

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pH BALANCING & BIOLOGICAL TERRAIN ANALYSIS: Complete health is possible through keeping one’s pH in balance. Assessing urine & saliva pH shows what adjustments need to be made in diet and supplementation in order to support organ function. Biological Terrain Analysis utilizes an equation developed by Dr. Carey Reams to determine the rate of aging and other important information about the function of various organs and systems. Imbalances stress our organs, leading to disease & accelerated…

Help Patients Change Perceptions with ZYTOs EVOX

One step at a time. This could apply to rebuilding a relationship, handling grief, trying break an addiction, or handling big changes in life.

396 Hz - Liberate Guilt and Fear 417 Hz - Expand Your Consciousness 528 Hz - Miracle DNA Repair 639 Hz - Enable Connection and Relationships 741 Hz - Awaken Intuition 852 Hz - Returning To Spiritual Order

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