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In your Divine Heart is where this Door resides, open it and the Magical Essence of Love opens you up to more than you ever imagined.

How to Correctly Hold Your Drink | Relish.com with the illustrations by our own Katie Eberts!

How to Correctly Hold Your Drink

Learn not to clutch a wine glass or pinch the stem of a snifter with a pinky extended. Keep your cool and remember this advice when you drink.

Crazy religious folks...   Know your popes: Stephen VII | https://www.facebook.com/thewaronfanaticism?sk=photos #atheism #popes

Know Your Popes ~ Stephen VII defined spite. Boy, could he hold a grudge.

https://www.facebook.com/WFLAtheism Be a bigger part of activism that is changing the world at http://www.fuzeus.com

Guide to Visiting Nigeria

And don't tell me you're "doing it out of love and/or concern"! I KNOW that's what you think it is, but that is COMPLETE bullshit!

At its core, Christianity sees the end of the world. The end of our species... The rapture... "repent" and agree to love the christian god, or be dragged away screaming to burn for eternity in the fires of hell. Regardless of how good or moral they were as a person. This is not the act of an all-loving god, it's sick. Forcing people to love you or be tortured for eternity is not love, it's abuse. beings so long as you get to paradise makes you an immoral sociopath...just like your god.

At its core, Christianity sees the end of the world. The end of our species…