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Mitch Iburg, Urn, Coil Built Virginia Kaolin Clay, Anagama Fired, Reduction Cooled, 2014.

Mitch Iburg, Disc (Materials Study), My fascination with place, material, and geology fuels a desire to create objects that refer to my home - a place that is sometimes defined by parameters that are much to small. With this form I am seeking to create a 'global materials study' using clays and minerals harvested from all over the United States. Virginia Clay, North Carolina Feldspar, Oregon Obsidian. Anagama Fired, 2013,

Mitch Iburg Ember Buried Jars Native Virginia White Clay Anagama Fired photo by Jessie Kanaley

" I would like to envelop myself ..... to enclose a sense of space, of landscape, within clay. Creating day by day, like putting entries in a diary" -- Ikuko Ando

Vessel with round bottom and overall paddle-impressed texture Earthenware 16 x 16 cm Ban Chiang culture 3600-1000 B.C.E., Ban Chiang culture, early period, phase 4 Origin: Northeast Thailand