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The Husky oil spill in Saskatchewan may be well over 1,000 kilometres away, but for B.C. residents concerned about the Kinder Morgan expansion project, the disaster still hits close to home.

from CBC News

Pipeline protest group draws trespass citations on Parliament Hill

10/24/2016 - Police issue 99 trespass citations during pipeline protest on Parliament Hill. Group protesting proposed expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, B.C. Can Justin Trudeau not see the irony in this, while oil is bleeding all over the Heiltsuk Nation at Bella Bella? He promised Canadians less of this problem, not more. He'll never be elected twice if he's cemented in this path.

“Make no mistake about it —Canada needs to get its resources to market. But we need to do that in a way that actually respects the long term interests of Canadians and of our future,” Trudeau said in June.

Pipeline opponent seeks to take on NEB: When [Lynne Quarmby] looked at the NEB’s application to intervene, however, it was clear that the federal regulator had no intention of considering the environmental impacts that would result from the production of the crude [Kinder Morgan Inc.’s proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline] would carry..

The leader of Canada's New Democratic Party talks tough on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, Energy East pipeline proposal and Keystone XL. But a National Observer video interview reveals that Thomas Mulcair is open to building pipelines if they pass a more rigorous review than what the Conservatives have subjected them to.

The threat of the Kinder Morgan pipeline: We're lucky we have First Nations to protect us from Kinder Morgan; Christy Clark sure won't. #ChristyClark #KinderMorgan #environment #bcPoli

Burnaby Mountain overlooking Indian Arm. So YES, YES, YES we don't have to worry about the Great Bear Rainforest, but now there is this - which is outrageous!!. If these projects go ahead, BC would be responsible for millions of extra tonnes of carbon emissions each year, and the magnificent Salish Sea would face the constant threat of a catastrophic oil spill that would devastate the marine environment, coastal communities and BC’s entire economy for decades to come.

B.C. government formally opposes Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion The Trans Mountain project has fallen flat due to its inability to meet all five of the province's environmental, economic and legal requirements.

The unacceptable risks from a tanker accident associated with Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline expansion are being ignored, says a group of fossil fuel infrastructure engineers.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said he would like to see the approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline proposal, provided it is done in the "right way that is sustainable, that has community support and buy-in, and that fits into a long-term strategy of not just a sustainable environment but a sustainable economy.