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My kitten likes to hide in this jar and it confuses her brother

Heart Waffle Iron

Cat Logic 22

Cats: not known for hacking.

Wednesday Whatsits (31

It people who watch The Big Bang Theory understand this!!! And it all started with a Big Bang... BANG!!!!!!!

The Most Interesting Cat In The World - I don't always chase laser pointers

20 Weird Facts About Cats You Probably Didn't Know

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 26 Pics

i simply like pictures from all sorts of things.the pictures i blog here are not mine. i found them here on tumblr or all over the internet. if you see your picture here and it is not linked to you or you want to be credited, please contact me =)>

bahaha this reminds me of my old cat. She'd always take off running as if she were demon-possessed or something X)