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Space. .Mystery of the stars. . Burning lithium inside a star (artist's impression) Artist’s impression of a baby star still surrounded by a protoplanetary disc in which planets are forming. Using ESO’s very successful HARPS spectrograph, a team of astronomers has found that Sun-like stars which host planets have destroyed their lithium much more efficiently than planet-free stars.

Garrick Portsmouth Watch - by Michael Penate - See more of this new British offering now at: - "It's hard to ignore the surge of interest in British watchmaking that we’ve witnessed in recent years. We’re seeing a gradual yet significant industry revival and it’s one that Garrick is proud to take part in. After the success of their earlier Norfolk model, they’ve once again released a timepiece that pridefully incorporates elements of Great Britain’s rich seafaring…

Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

College Students Success Pyramid- We’ve all heard of the food pyramid for health, but if it’s academic success you’re after, check out the student success pyramid and see what you can do to improve your educational experience. #infographic

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This Amazing Herb Kills 86% of Lung Cancer Cells

Significant attention has actually been dedicated to recognizing plant-derived nutritional agents which could be established as appealing chemo-preventives.

Volunteering abroad for free can be difficult to achieve without using the strategies detailed in this guide above, however with time, patience and successful fundraising initiatives it’s definitely an achievable goal. Combining a solid fundraising campaign, a large group of financial supporters, extensive research on general travel expenses along with IVHQ’s affordable program fees, you’ll be able to live the free volunteer abroad dream before you know it!

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The Smart Woman’s Guide To Investing Success (Making Sense of Cents)

The Smart Woman’s Guide To Investing Success