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Shining in the dark: 30 mind blowing examples of light graffiti

When you can visualize yourself performing a certain role, pathways start opening.

““So, nobody is going to fight?” he said, punching the poor guy in the face again. She wished she had the guts to go up there, that’s what heroes do, but she kept her mouth shut and eyes down. ” We all know those tired clichés. It’s time to kill...


His blue eyes.

The fact was, they were so icy cold, that nothing warm and happy could ever live behind them. A dark, dead soul that could be seen all too easily through its windows.

Horrified, Nico realized his arms were encrusted with jewels. His arm shook wildly as he desperately tried to shake them off, thinking some freak accident had occurred as he shadow traveled. After a few useless swings, he drew his arms in for a closer look, and realized the gems had formed a protective layer around his arm. Cautiously, he stabbed himself with his dagger, hearing a satisfying 'clink' as the armor protects him.

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Why Is The Sky Blue For Kids – Science Experiment

Why is the sky blue science experiment

LIGHT & COMPOSITION REFS ` `train station

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unwrittennature: Monsoon storm activity in the Desert of Arizona via: Edie Barger