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A #Pattern for Every Mood ✔️ #SKIRTIT

Altuzarra Balthazar Button-Front Classic Pencil Skirt, Black/White Stripe

We started with our classic pencil collection, and are ecstatic to see it flourish over time. Classics are timeless, and hard work pays off! #lovewhatwedo

Creatures of the Wind Suomi Herringbone Pencil Skirt Details: Polished pencil skirt in classic herringbone motif

Milly 'Painted Floral' Pencil Skirt Details: A color-brushed print refreshes the classically tailored style of a cotton-blend faille skirt in a slim, midi-length cut.

The Classic Pencil is where it all started! #SKIRTIT

Black + White Classic Pencil | You can't go wrong with this timeless colour combination! It's the perfect high contrast look ✔️ #BackToTheBasics #SKIRTIT

Launching #FW16 a lot sooner than you think! #StayTuned ✨

Dress Up // Dress Down #SKIRTIT

When a pencil is more than just a pencil #PatternsForDays ✔️ #SKIRTIT