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Harold Itzkowitz on

Harold Itzkowitz on Twitter: "Muhammad Ali is on life support. Goddammit."

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Kendrick Sampson on

Kendrick Sampson on Twitter: "People ask me am I "still" for @BernieSanders as if my morals morph. You're asking am I "still" pro human rights and anti-corruption...yes."

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wikipedia brown on

wikipedia brown on Twitter: "It's easy to believe the narrative from police or a news over a random person on Twitter who was there. Until that random is your friend."

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Bernie Sanders on

Bernie Sanders on Twitter: "Change never takes place from the top down, it comes from the bottom up. Don't believe anyone who tells you we cannot change the status quo"

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Rep. Barbara Lee on

Rep. Barbara Lee on Twitter: "GOP transition: ✔️Appoint white nationalist as WH adviser ✔️Cite Japanese internment to justify Muslim registry ✔️Take all-white GOP selfie"