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When we detach from hanging on to emotions that really only keep us in that space of pain, is when we are free to just be and flow with Life. <3 -Mary Long-

In Oneness we are all there, we are the very essence of the One Great Mystery of the Universe. <3 -Mary Long-

Within you Divine Self, the very Deepest Part of Spirit is where all Knowing resides, in experiencing many multidimensional realities beyond this Physical World. <3 -Mary Long-

Never give up on Love, it is the essence of who we are. <3 -Mary Long-

25 September 2016 - Carlsberg Foundation Research Awards

Dean has been carrying Sam his whole life. 1x05 Bloody Mary

Be the Flow of Life and embrace what you experience and realize you exist in all that is, as One Infinite Consciousness. <3 -Mary Long-