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Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Lotion the best Sunscreen for kids and babies! My dr says its the best product on the market as far as protective sunscreen. I don't spend time in the sun without it!

What do you need to know about sunscreen? How much should you apply? How often do you reapply? What's the difference between chemical and physical?

How Much Do You Really Know About Sunscreen?

Going to the beach is a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. Here are 20 beach hacks, tips, and tricks every girl must know this summer to make it easier.

Protecting skin from the sun's harmful rays is 100% worth it.   Wear your SPF proudly and join the fight against skin cancer.

Using sunscreen on a regular basis will not only keep your skin looking young but it prevents skin cancer. Make sure you apply sunscreen daily!

It’s almost sunscreen season here in Oregon (yes, we actually wear sunscreen in Oregon!). ;) Last year I saw this recipe on Pinterest from  I made it and we used i…

It's almost sunscreen season here in Oregon (yes, we actually wear sunscreen in…

With a rise of high-intensity workouts like spin class and boot camps comes…a new-found love for hot poultice massages, thanks to the healing relief they provide to overworked muscles. What’s a poultice? In this case, bundles of herbs wrapped in linen. They look like old fashioned ice packs but these are steamed so they hold […]

The five life-changing, stress-busting spa therapies you’ve got to try this season

the whole graphic is overwhelming (and I can't pin just part of it), but if you scroll down to "how much sunscreen should you wear?," there's a brilliantly simple graphic answer. and just after that, new info about when and how often to apply.

"The Sunscreen Smokescreen" describes types of sunlight, UVA and UVB protection, sunscreen wisdom, etc

Sun, Safety, Sunscreens and Cancer. It also tells you how you can tell which sunscreen is good and what is bad

This sun safety pin tells people about the risk of cancer and how it can affect you later on.

Look younger and reduce your risk of skin cancer...

Always remember to wear sunscreen even if you dont think you can get burnt or will get burnt always check the UV rays expected for the day and always wear sunscreen on a sunny and even cloudy day

get dry skin off of your heels for good

How to Get Dry Skin Off the Bottom of Your Feet

Fix Ugly Feet At Home (At Home Pedicure). I did this today, and my feet feel fantastic.

How to Properly Use Sunscreen

How to Properly Use Sunscreen

STACK How To Use Sunscreen Properly infographic One major sunburn before you are 18 years old doubles your chances of getting skin cancer, Progressive Research

Understand UV and how to protect your eyes!

It's getting warmer which means you'll be out in the sun more. Protect your eyes! Purchase SOLO sunglasses and fund eye care for people in need

Think about this next time you want to skip the sunscreen! Here's why you need to wear sunscreen. This is what sun damage looks like.

What Sun Damage Looks Like -

Check out this truck driver for an eye-opening view of what sun damage really looks like

How to pick the right sunscreen. Tips to choose wisely and use correctly.

Sunscreen Smarts (Infographic)

Sunscreen Smarts (Infographic) - Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

So true. If YOU love your body, others will love it too. And by love it, I mean take care of it. Don't put junk into it.

Need a little motivation? (33 photos)

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.