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'Outlander' Season 3 First Look: Clash of the Tartans

I'm so excited for the History this.... what was I saying? It's Jamie. Just Jamie, who am I kidding?

balloons blown up to different sizes and just taped to the wall....great for birthday parties!

from Cafe Delites

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Nutella-Hot-Chocolate: Amber's review - made 12/14/15 - for the most part I followed this recipe - more or less eyeballed it (probably used more Nutella than the recipe called for) - either way, this is a delicious hot cocoa!

from Exotic Fish

sea anemones. This is a Bubble Coral .. has a Large Mouth in the center and Eats

Bubble coral. Plerogyra sinuosa include "grape coral", "bladder coral", "pearl coral" and "branching bubble coral"

from The Kitchn

Smashed Potato Casserole

Mashed potatoes are a family favorite, but this decadent casserole takes the classic to a whole new level. The flavors of a fully loaded baked potato are baked until gooey and bubbling, making this dish impossible to resist. It’s holiday-worthy for sure, but don’t wait for a special occasion. Add this comfort food to your list of fall favorites — and oh yeah, don’t forget to share!

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1950's AUTHENTIC VINTAGE Cream Tulip Print Sleeveless Dress with Cupcake Waistline and Full Skirt. Neckline Detail For Rockabilly, Pin-up, Bombshell Women

Giant Bubbles Recipe - perfect summer fun for little ones! #homeschool

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Heather Levine's ceramic hanging pendant lights

Heather Levine’s ceramic hanging pendant lights - Maybe with swirls?

Abraham Lake, Elliott Peak, Alberta, Canada • Bubbles of gas released from the lake bed were frozen in their place as winter hit this year. The absence of snow in the area left the surface stunningly clear, allowing National Geographic to snap this fantastic image.

from Etsy

Vintage Plastic Pink Cat Bubble Bath

I carried one like this around every where as my baby doll when I was little. I slept with it and loved it so much LOL I think it was Avon