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How to Convert a Lamp to Battery Power

How to Recover a Lampshade. Take your lampshade from boring to stylish in a few easy steps. Recovering an old lampshade is a great way to add some newness to your home and it takes no time at all.

How to Design a Victorian Lamp Shade

I'm a bit dubious about how it would turn out from the bent hangers - better to purchase unkinked wire... How to Make Wire Lampshades

How to Make a Lampshade from Scratch

i will probably do some kind of variation on this on my blog. How to Make a Lampshade from Scratch | eHow

Redesign Your Chandelier: From Boring Brass to Beautiful Bronze

Update that old brass fixture with a little paint and give it a completely modern look! Check out the how-to here:

pHow to Paint a Lampshade I love the idea of painting or stenciling an old lampshade to spice it up. If you find one at a second hand store or garage sale, this is the perfect solution to make it exactly what you want it to be. There are a /p