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For my oldest daughter who has moved out to spread her wings! We love you and wish you all the best the world has to offer!

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The Bond Between Mother And Son Lasts A Lifetime quotes quote kids mom mother family quote family quotes children son mother quotes

Over the summer, I'd go finding the pale colored dragonflies and having them sit on my hand.

Three Simple Rules That Could Change Your Life    These 3 simple rules would change your life.

How to Handle Being a Mom When Life Is Hard and Hormones Rage. Filter your response through L.

I felt this way about my kids. Now I feel this way about my kids kids!

The bittersweet struggle of a mother. Don't want to see my babies grow but then i do to see my babies dreams come true ❤---We're not pregnant again yet but whether we're blessed next with a beautiful baby girl or another beautiful baby boy, this applies ❤

I'm not perfect but I completely utterly and perfectly in love with my kids

Letter from mother to son.To all my boys. Love always and always Mom


By having a calm conversation, parents are teaching their children self-control. Expressing anxiety is contagious—and so is calm. Remaining calm sets an example for your children and this skill will have a positive effect on all of their future relations