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Honeycrisp -The fruit is mostly orange-red with a yellow background. The fruit averages three inches and up, and stores well. Outstanding winter hardiness. is moderately resistant to apple scab. Tree is non-vigorous and late-blooming. Pollination Information Honeycrisp™ blooms in mid-season and will pollinate all other early blooming apple varieties, varieties blooming in the middle of the season, and also varieties blooming late in the season.

I recently discovered what a cashew tree looks like. How cool is that? the fruit is delicious stewed. The nut has a highly toxic oil around it which has to be roasted off.

Real Possibilities

Pomarosa or Malay Apples growing in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Very delicious and refreshing!

Ripe cashew apple with a cashew nut at the bottom: Anacardium occidentale [Family: Anacardiaceae]