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Pan HYMN TO PAN - by Aleister Crowley, 1929 Thrill with the lissome lust of the light, O man! My man! Come careering out of the night Of Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan! Come over the sea From Sicily and from Arcady! click to read more...

Caesar van Everdingen - The eternally lustful god of the woods and fields, Pan, has his sights set on the chaste nymph Syrinx, a follower of the goddess Diana. can 1640

Cernunnos is a horned god associated with fertility, the underworld, and wealth, and especially associated with horned animals like the bull, stag, and a ram-headed serpent. Cerunnos is born at the winter solstice and dies at the summer solstice.

Ophiuchus- Greek myth: a constellation depicting man fighting a snake. in some accounts, it is the priest of Poseidon, Laocoon, who tried to warn his fellow Trojans about the Trojan horse. he was later killed by two sea serpents sent by the gods.