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Do you have a beautiful room or space that you think is worthy of being featured in the pages of LittleOne? Perhaps you are an interior designer or a stylist? We are looking for gorgeous habitats that will make us swoon mama! Must be professionally photographed. Email mail@littleonemag.com #space #interiors #design #habitat #style #inspiration

Are you lucky enough to have an extra bedroom in your house that you can use to accommodate family and friend visits? If so, that means your guest room nee

Happy kitchen...all the colors. Shelves could come off jumbled but this one works. Think it's the single line and good spacing between items so they aren't crowded.

If you are anything like us, you've been soaking up and filing away all the steal-worthy ideas from this week's Bridal Shower Inspiration Week thanks to the lovelies at Macy's. From fashion finds to registry must haves, it's been like a fabulous course in Swoon-Worthy Shopping 101. And today's lesson is creating a bridal shower…

In honour of both my new blog design and the post about my new crisp black and white bedding, I thought I'd do a little buying guide today using the glorious and oh-so-chic combination of black, white and gold.If you are still unconvinced of the power of these three beautiful tones working so…

So you'll probably be relieved to know that despite the sheer amount of pictures in this post, this will probably be one of the last posts about the dining room that you'll see for a while. And that's because there's really not much more to do in here.Ok, that's not entirely true - there are a…

Hanging around never looked so good! The new wall hangings hit all the right spots and are completely swoon worthy. Each piece is hand-woven meaning that every hanger is as unique as you are. A gorgeous woven woollen argyle design that is sure to inspire with every glance. Each is individually hand made in India and features MDF rods on top and bottom with cotton hanger. Dimensions: 53cm wide x 50cm length.

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