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Microhydro Electricity Basics: Pressurized, flowing water is a very dense resource, and hydro-electric systems convert a very large percentage of the available energy into electricity because the resource is captive in a pipe or flume.

How to Build a Totally Self-Sustaining Home

More than four decades ago, a lone architect had what must have seemed at the time like an impossible dream: to build a new kind of residence that would be in complete harmony with the planet. This home would be made with recycled and sustainable materials. It would rely on clean energy and renewable resources to supply its inhabitants with the most basic and essential… [read more]

INTERNATIONALLY-BASED SOLUTION: Sesi develops and installs these machines to utilize our natural resources without harming the environment to use it. "They offer off-the-grid wind, hydro-electric, solar electric, geothermal and bio-gas energy systems for businesses, communities and government owned facilities."

Renewable energy - Science,STEM (9,10) - Digibook. Humans have used fossil fuels since around 1000 BC but our natural resources are ever-decreasing. There's never been a more important time to learn about solar, wind, hydro and other renewable energies.

If you look at the full gas history, you may notice gas prices started rising drastically BEFORE Obama came to office. One man, even the president, can only do so much to alter market forces.

Energy engineer - is involved with the production of energy through natural resources, such as the extraction of oil and gas, as well as from renewable or sustainable sources of energy, including bio-fuels, hydro, wind and solar power.