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Your life and my life flow into each other as wave flows into wave, and unless there is peace and joy and freedom for you, there can be no real peace or joy or freedom for me. To see reality-not as we expect it to be but as it is-is to see that unless we live for each other and in and through each other, we do not really live very satisfactorily; that there can really be life only where there really is, in just this sense,... (Frederick Buechner) #quotes #quote #quotations #FrederickBuechner

Tears have a wisdom all their own. They come when a person has relaxed enough to let go & work through his sorrow. They are the natural bleeding of an emotional wound, carrying the poison out of the system. Here lies the road to recovery - F. Alexander Magoun

Everyone who looks for anything finds what they're looking for. That's why statistics are so amusing. Law of Attraction says that whatever it is that you are vibrationally offering is coming to you and will be reflected fully in your experience. (For the audio click twice then.. See more) Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ3030) Law of Attraction