On August 23, 2008, 51-year-old Michael Hearon traveled from his condo to his farm in Happy Valley, Tennessee with plans to mow the lawn. That morning, neighbors saw Michael leaving the farm on his ATV—the last known sighting of him. The next day, Michael’s friends visited the farm and saw his truck parked on the road with the windows rolled down. Michael’s trailer was also attached to the vehicle with his lawnmower loaded on top of it, but the farm’s lawn had not been mowed.

A unique feature of the Cumberland Plateau is the presence of comb graves (also called tent graves) in local cemeteries. It is not clear where this tradition of "folk architecture" originated, how the distinctive tradition began (or ended), or why it is confined to the eastern highland rim of the Cumberland Plateau.

‘Potentially historic’ snow storm takes aim at Northeast this week - The Washington Post

Danny Aiello - I Only Know who I am When I'm Somebody Else - Great Interview - EverybodyLovesItalian.com

In July 1986 estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappeared from the face of the earth. She has never been found. Was her disappearance linked to Britain's notorious VIP paedophile ring? We now know that J...

Marie Jaslyn Benjamin from Robbins,IL #Missingpersons Black and Missing Foundation :: Missing Adults, Missing Children, Cold Cases, Report a Missing Person

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