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Letting go of an eating disorder can be one of the hardest things. Even when I knew I wanted to recover I was scared of fully letting go of ED; I didn't know who I was without an ED. But since I've let go, life has been so beautiful

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Quote of the Day: "Push yourself. Just live well. Just live." - Jojo Moyes, Me Before You

The last post on a woman's FB page who was shot to death by her husband shortly after. Domestic Violence Must End. God Bless the Victims .

Second chance? (The last post on a woman's FB page who was shot to death by her husband shortly after. Domestic Violence Must End. God Bless the Victims.

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Everyday I fight back the urge to text or call you, telling myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would, text you applies cause you’ve never talked to me. Knowing you never wanted to talk to me or see me hurts more than I can express, I feel so stu

But I guess I let it happen....no more.

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You made me feel just like the rest of them did. Completely worthless and undeserving. I truly thought you were different and would never hurt me like that! I guess that I thought wrong. It's not the only time I've thought wrong. Oh well.

"Especially when she leaves you for the very first time Xavier. She's the kind of girl who comes back again and again because you're the easiest conquest she has ever conquered. And you'll always let her back in because you think it's real every time." Said Ky

With that being said, the beauty of perennials come and go; year after year; beyond human life. " If it's real.

The No. 1 Cause of Divorce You'd Never Think of I went to war for what we had, you never even laced your boots.

It's time to change that sweetheart. I want to see you fight for me. I won't give up but you make the first step. We ride together

I think she gets to this point eventually. I don't think she would admit love--not at first--but I think it's there and she finds it again eventually.

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No matter how hard i try, I can't hate you. I love you with all my heart and I always will!

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when we met i honestly wanted nothing from you. the more we got to know each other the more i realized you are everything I want