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World Mysteries And True Ghost Tales/ What Was The Black Figure On The Highway?

World Mysteries And True Ghost Tales/ Demonic Activity in our Home.

Real Life Demonic Possession | ... by ghost caught on tape | Real life demon possession - YouTube

On GhostWorldTV you can see ghost clips and real ghost footage that we get from viewers or shot by our team. We believe that ghost, spirit, paranormal, demon.

Over the years at an underpass near Greensboro North Carolina young men have been picking up a young girl dressed like she is going to a party. She flags down cars with one young man in them and asks them to take her home.  She tells anyone who picks her up that she and her date got in a fuss and she made him let her out back at the under pass. They all drive her home to a house in High Point where she vanishes before she can get out of the car.

True North Carolina Ghost Stories

Here you can read a collection of True North Carolina Ghost Stories. If you enjoy ghost stories I bet you'll enjoy this collection of ghost stories from North Carolina.

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