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A stylish couple. c.1940s...was having the woman sit up on the side of the man like this a "thing"? Because I have a pic of my grandparents that's very similar.

This photo of Obama and a little visitor at a Black History Month celebration is remarkable

This essay, with its unforgettable picture of an awed 3-year-old, Clark Reynolds, helps explain why these images of #ObamaAndKids are so moving: “A country once determined to import and enslave black Americans is now, indeed, led by one.” Put politics aside and enjoy the images — and then, soak up the unalloyed joy of 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin with POTUS and FLOTUS. — John Schwartz, Science Reporter

On February 15, the GRAMMY Awards happened and Kendrick Lamar performed one of the best sets on that stage ever. He came out with some bruhs, as a chain gang. Because you know what you do to up the Blackness quotient of an already Black ass month? By making a statement on the Prison Industrial Complex and it’s demonization of Black men as you entertain folks on music’s most important night. The dude ended his set standing in front of a map of Africa with “Comp

"I Love Myself" 6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself In Turmoil - Page 2 of 2 - Tea & Breakfast

65 Students Of Colour Share Their Experiences Of Life At Oxford University

Follow this link to find a short clip and analysis exploring post-colonial theory: "All the post-colonial and other critical theories you study does not entitle you to speak for me or over me."

Francine Everett (April 13, 1915 – May 27, 1999) was an African-American actress and singer who is best known for her performances in race films, independently produced motion pictures with all-black casts that were created exclusively for distribution to cinemas that catered to African American audiences.